Let's Set The World On Fire
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Tonight we are young. So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun.
sex kitten(s)
When you're young, hormones are out of control. You start to experiment, testing out all aspects of your bodies with boys, girls, sometimes boys and girls. There are even times when you experiment with both at the same time.
What happens when you take a group of hormone driven teens and mix them together for a summer trip to Rachel Berry's lake house? The possibilities are endless.

An AU Glee Smut RP
You must be 17+ to apply!


Rachel Berry

Quinn Fabray

Santana Lopez

Brittany S. Pierce

Mercedes Jones

Tina Cohen-Chang

Sugar Motta

Finn Hudson

Noah Puckerman

Sam Evans

Mike Chang

Artie Abrams

Rory Flanagan

Kurt Hummel

Blaine Anderson

Sebastian Smythe

Jesse St. James

Cooper Anderson


Isabella Anderson

Rio Fabray

Any characters not listed that you may be interested in, just send in an application.